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How We Live

this is how we live: bringing home back into houses across the world through our products which are slowmade

  • we source from artisans who are experts in their respective fields (our artisans generally prefer to use their own hands and natural materials)

this is how we live: supporting communities across continents who are contributing to alleviating poverty

  • we source from Fairtrade and community projects, who are empowering local communities to earn a sustainable income (most of these projects involve empowering women through artisanal skills transfer)

this is how we live: giving back to our key cause women empowerment; a percentage of profit is sown into

Human Trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in the world valued at $34bn and is also the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. 80% of trafficked victims are girls between 5-15 years old, 50% are from Africa (our home town). the average life expectancy for a trafficked victim is 5 years and most are enslaved in the sex trade.

our partnership with Redlight includes practical help and a portion of profit sold from our current collection 'everyday treasure' will be donated to Redlight for their new skills empowerment programme for rescued trafficked victims.

(more about Red Light)

Ray of Hope (ROH) is a non-profit organisation which seeks to provide a loving transition home for rescued babies and toddlers who have been infected or affected by HIV/Aids, abused, abandoned and neglected. we are aware that organisations such as ROH form the first rescue barrier to preventing human trafficking especially in light of the increase of child-headed households in South Africa due to HIV/Aids.

(more about Ray of Hope)

and in case you're wondering about our triple bottom line (you have a sense of people and profit but what about planet) here is our answer:

we believe in being good stewards, in order to offset our carbon footprint we are partnering with Food & Trees for Africa, a social enterprise which plants indigenous shade and fruit trees in economically disadvantaged communities.

(more about Food & Trees for Africa)